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Faucet Sales

Discover a variety of faucet products at our workshop in Laval.

Call us to obtain a detailed quote. 450-231-5398

A wide choice of fittings

Discover our collection of kitchen accessories, including faucets, mixers, basins, and sinks. Our sinks are available in single and double compartments to cater to your needs.

The products showcased in our showroom are elegant, ergonomic, and functional. They are designed to seamlessly fit into any kitchen style, whether it be modern or classic.

Our elegant, ergonomic, and functional faucet products are readily available in Laval.

Laval Faucets
Our services
    Sale of faucets and sinks
    Manufacturing of porcelain countertops
    Manufacturing of quartz countertops
    Manufacturing of granite countertops
    Manufacturing of marble countertops
Our strengths
    High-quality products
    Competitive prices
    Meticulous finishes
    Our countertop design studio is located in Laval.

Sale of quality taps and accessories in Laval

Explore our range of high-quality branded faucets and kitchen accessories at our establishment. We proudly offer renowned brands such as "Blanco" and "Bristol Sinks and Faucets" known for their exceptional reputation and durable products.

Feel free to order your preferred sink model, such as the Claron sink for its simplicity and efficiency, the Collectis sink with a built-in sorting system, the Dalago sink with its maximum capacity, or the Dana sink designed for small spaces. Our knowledgeable team is ready to guide you in selecting the perfect sink and faucets that suit your kitchen requirements.
You can also rely on us for any countertop fabrication (porcelain, quartz, granite, or marble).

Find branded faucets and sinks at our workshop.

Faucet Sales Laval

Our expertise lies in crafting quartz, marble, and granite countertops that seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.